To talk about and explain one’s self to others is the most ¬†embarrassing way to remain in one’s birth suit without ¬†blushing. However, I must do it. I must explain myself and tell you how privileged I feel at this moment in attempting to give meaning to my work, my artistic activities and my chimaera materializing.

I have a dimension wherein the spirit moves parallel to thought and matter seems to fluctuate as though it were at the bottom of the sea. It is the apnoea of the spirit, a dream come true in which every drop of this immense ocean is transformed into light.

For those who read me and see what I create, with simplicity, I would like to transmit the enthusiasm that accompanies each of my works. Art, for me, is a journey, never the final destination.
An artistic creation is like a child being born with an unaware interior beauty. It is up to you to make it grow; you nourish it with your passions; you accompany it through the deserts of the subconscious and you protect it from the phantoms that inevitably challenge you during every moment of your creation.

Gianni Maran